When you smile: Love viewed by children

Painting LoveAdult love is sometimes quite complex. Of course, it comes from experiences and it is often based on one’s philosophy and wisdom, there are also thoughts, prejudice, and conditions. However throughout history love described by children has been viewed as pure, innocent, and simple by many people including artists and authors.

This song started from a children’s smile. Its main theme is love, more precisely love that you make smile.

From a children’s point of view, love is not so complex. For them, love is something beautiful, positive, and peaceful like when they are in their mom’s arms. Children know how to express love in a simple way.
And that’s exactly those emotions that I wanted to give you with this song “When you smile”.

At first, I wanted to write a lullaby. However after some research, I realised that several conditions are required to call a song a lullaby in terms of beat, repetition, melodies, and tonality. Of course this song is generally peaceful, but at the end, its sound gets a little bit louder.

Anyway that initial idea of lullaby allowed me to write a lovely song and I’m quite satisfied by the result. In fact in the months to come, I’ll present you what I call love songs. You’ll notice that those love songs are not always just lovely, but are often associated with responsibility, promise, and gratitude. In these, love, in terms of pleasure or joy, will not the primary theme.

I’d like to share good news with you. I’m receiving positive feedback on my songs and this web site from our subscribers and listeners. Thank you so much. The number of subscribers is increasing regularly, and this month I sent the first edition of my newsletter. Some of you also contacted me to ask me how to download my compositions. Now I’m developing a web page for this and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Enjoy your listening and stay tuned

All the musics presented here are legally protected in France:Individuals can listen to them free of charge here and on my Youtube channel: TheInspiredMelodies. However, people wishing to reuse them (professionals or not) shall contact me in order to fix the general terms of use.

2 thoughts on “When you smile: Love viewed by children

  1. This is very pleasant! I found your website via a comment you made on ‘musicindustryhowto.com’. I heard some of your other works, as well, and I feel that you’re a brilliant composer; Many excellent melodies and concepts. Reminds me very much of great anime scores. Please do continue writing great music like this! I hope that all is well with you.

    -January Elh

    • Hello January Elh,
      Thank you so much for such a generous words for my songs. Glad to know that you like my memlodies 🙂 Yes, I’ll continue and I have still many compositions to show.
      I also visited your website and listened to your great songs. Excellent works ! Keep going ! 😉


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