Mémoire de toi : Remembering Friendship

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Just after high school, I left Korea and went to France to continue my studies there.

At first, I was just excited to be in an unknown location where nobody knows me. I couldn’t speak French at that time. Everyday was an adventure, with lots of things to discover. All the things were new there.

We hear that everything in the world has two sides, and we all know that we can’t have only good things. On the other side of that pleasure et adventure, there was loneliness. In fact, this was the first time in my life that I understood what loneliness means. As time went by, I became familiar with my life in France, and I started missing my family and my coutry. Continue reading

Monologue : Solo piano for a moment of solitude

Now, you’re going to listen to « Monologue », initially named « Après adieu » – After separation. Actually the behind story of this piano song goes well with the initial title but I thought that it expresses the song too explicitly.

Anyway this is the very first music I wrote, and for the first time I expressed a feeling which does not belong to me.

The song is quite short, I intent to make my own CD one day and I’ll put a more complete version there.

Now let me explain a little bit about the story of this music. A girl speaks to herself (monologue) after breaking up with his lover. The main feelings in this music are sadness and regret.

Using Fa Mi Ré several times, I wanted to express « Come back to me, come back to me ».
What could be the reason of separation ??? I don’t really know ! Maybe she won’t be able to see him again ?

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