Looking for you, A man’s desperate heart

Solip’s note: Sorrow is part of our life and our emotions; it’s also my source of inspiration. Voilà, today, my song is sad. It makes you think of a film noir… If you don’t want to listen to this song, I can understand it, you come by here to relax with my melodies, so I ask you to wait for the next post. I promise you that next time I’ll present something happy.

I. About the song
Starry_Night_Over_the_Rhone 400x250會者定離. This four character Chinese idiom means nothing is eternal in human relationships. You meet someone, but you also separate with someone else. We repeat this throughout our life. In fact, this process of encounter and separation is part of our daily life.

Today’s song is sad. It describes a man’s desperate heart that lost his lover. I composed this song fully based on my imagination. Continue reading