Aussi triste pour un petit coup de vent : my message for sad people

Dedicated to the Depressed

Lee Hae-in
Translated by MoonJa LUM

Speak softly and speak from the heart,Candle
say a silent prayer as you
Look into the windows of our souls,
and warm our hearts and minds,
with your kind and gentle eyes.

Sometimes we may withdraw,
To be alone.
Wait patiently.
It is not a time to blame, nor a time to teach.
Is it
Keep an open mind
and when we smile – smile with us
and when we cry – cry with us.
Thus begins the path to help our hearts and minds.

First of all, I’m deeply grateful to my family in the US for translating this poem in English. This Korean poem, « Dedicated to the Depressed », written by Lee Hae in, suits well the first song I present you in 2013 : « Aussi triste pour un petit coup de vent », in English, we can call it « so sad for a breath of wind ». This poem influenced this song and my thoughts on this subject. (Note : the original poem is written from the point of view of the author, who teaches us how to confort the sad people) Continue reading