Aging well : What makes you live a happier life?

agingwellAging well : Study of adult development
Through the book « Aging well », George Vaillant presents his long term study on condtions for a happier life. He and his research team at Havard University have studied this subject for more than 50 years by observing 268 havard graduates, 456 non-delinquent men, and 90 gifted women. The book is easy to read and the theories are easily understandable for everyone since it reveals a sort of law of hapiness through diverse case studies.

This book does not only deals with the relationships between wealth, health and hapiness and the impact of adolescence on the future, but also with the importance of internal maturity. The book also claims that humans as social animals can live an happier life by contributing to the development of the society, communicating and sharing with others.

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