IM Store Grand Opening Details

9 may update: the store also works with Internet Explorer
InspiredMelodies’ music store is launching on May 7th. From now on, you can download all my songs:
All of this was made possible thanks to you, and now it’s my turn to repay you for your support.
For this opening, I decided to offer you a special gift.
Every subscriber to my newsletter received a promo code to download my first piano album, InspiredMelodies pour vous, with a 50% discount. This code is valid until the end of May. You can only use this code to buy the entire album. For those of you who are not yet subscribed to my newsletter, you can do that now!
After few days, you will also be able to download my songs from different platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Android… I’ll let you know when it’s ready.Thank you so much and see you soonSolip from
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