Notre chemin ensemble: my message for the couples

Chagall - lovers in flight

Chagall – lovers in flight

This piano piece is written for a couple who is planning their wedding.

I wrote this piece during a night when I couldn’t sleeep. Some images of them stroke me : they are walking together hand in hand on a wooden path, chattering happily etc.

The intro stands for the way they walk together. You can also find this theme at the end of the song, meaning that their path continues. Between the intro and the ending, I have put images of their conversation.

Do Re Mi : Look, look, the way we’ve walked together. It’s full of joy but there were also moments of sadness. When you were smiling, I was happy. When you were sad, I was sad too. We’ve gone through all these moments together and we stand here right now.

Listen, I promise you one thing. The way we’ll be walking together from now on will be full of joy, even if sadness will sometimes be a challenge. I’ll be with you when you go through hard times, I’ll never let your hand go during the storm.

In the music video, I put some paintings of Chagall where he pictured some couples who stay togehter sharing their emotions in any moment of life. I dedicate this song to all the couples who promised to spend their life together. I sincerely hope your hapiness.

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