My winter story, Piano vocalise in D major

I’m writing to you from South Korea, my country of birth. I’m staying here for a couple of days. It’s already snowing a lot here, like if the sky has a big hole. Streets are really a mess. Yesterday it took us 3 hours to come back home because of the snow even though it usually takes only 15 minutes.

As we were blocked in the car, I looked at other cars next to us. I saw lots of people stressed, frowning or despaired. No doubt that they were late for an appointment or other rendez vous. Also no one likes being blocked in his car for 3 hours.

And suddenly, I saw a mini bus full of children coming back from school. They looked so happy to see the snow falling. At the entry of my village, I saw other children playing in the snow, running, shouting, and laughing. It seemed to me that they were the happiest children in the world 🙂

What does the snow remind you ? What does it make you think ?

When I was a child, the snow was somewhat beautiful and I considered it as a gift from the sky. When it was snowing, instead of staying in front of the TV or PC, I went outside and played with my friends. The snow was something I was waiting for every winter.

After, when I became a school girl, the definition of the snow changed a little bit. The snow was something pure and clean, but also something that made me think of pure love that could come suddenly.

Now we’re living « in the reality ». All these thoughts may just be yesterday’s memories. However I hope that the new song I’m presenting today will make you remember some warm memories and help you heal your spirit and better cope with your probably busy life.

This is another version of Piano Vocalise. This time it’s in D major. The goal is always the same : relax your fingers in a New age way before playing more piano.

As you can guess, this song is inspired from the winter, a cold winter which reminds us the purity of the snow.

When I compose, I tend to neglect the technical side and concentrate on the emotional and melodic sides. On one hand, that’s because I never studied musical theory, on the other hand, that’s because I don’t want to compose songs for the sake of technique only, which I wouldn’t even listen to. I want to compose melodic and ear-friendly songs, which you can hear with a coffee or a tea, or which remind you some peaceful nostalgia.

With this series of “Piano vocalises”, I have several goals; first I’d like to show my progress of my skills, and second I’d like to publish a book of études for piano new age.
To do this I know that I need to study seriously the technical part. It will also help me to improve my next songs.

If you have any new idea or advice to help me with compositions, inspiration, or anything else, feel free to contact me. I always think that the song becomes better when adding others’ stories and ideas.

Enjoy the song 🙂

All the musics presented here are legally protected in France:Individuals can listen to them free of charge here and on my Youtube channel: TheInspiredMelodies. However, people wishing to reuse them (professionals or not) shall contact me in order to fix the general terms of use.

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