Monologue : Solo piano for a moment of solitude

Now, you’re going to listen to « Monologue », initially named « Après adieu » – After separation. Actually the behind story of this piano song goes well with the initial title but I thought that it expresses the song too explicitly.

Anyway this is the very first music I wrote, and for the first time I expressed a feeling which does not belong to me.

The song is quite short, I intent to make my own CD one day and I’ll put a more complete version there.

Now let me explain a little bit about the story of this music. A girl speaks to herself (monologue) after breaking up with his lover. The main feelings in this music are sadness and regret.

Using Fa Mi Ré several times, I wanted to express « Come back to me, come back to me ».
What could be the reason of separation ??? I don’t really know ! Maybe she won’t be able to see him again ?

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