Mémoire de toi : Remembering Friendship

1406922_52538167_cerisier_taille reduite

Just after high school, I left Korea and went to France to continue my studies there.

At first, I was just excited to be in an unknown location where nobody knows me. I couldn’t speak French at that time. Everyday was an adventure, with lots of things to discover. All the things were new there.

We hear that everything in the world has two sides, and we all know that we can’t have only good things. On the other side of that pleasure et adventure, there was loneliness. In fact, this was the first time in my life that I understood what loneliness means. As time went by, I became familiar with my life in France, and I started missing my family and my coutry.

And I’ve also missed my highschool years. Since I came to France just after my high school, my memories of that period were still alive, like if it was just yesterday.

My friends and me had met in the course of becoming adults from children, and became close without afterthoughts. We grew together for 3 years, forming together our own society and creating our own culture.

We were curious and sometimes we made stupid and ridiculous mistakes like many others did, but I still have many good memories. For the first time, I planned trips with my friends for hollydays. We also shared different emotions from simple worries to sadness. We used to promise to stay friends forever and dream of becoming adults.

However, our relationship was almost broken after I left for France. After high school, each one of us had to lead her own life according to the different choice she had made. Moreover, the distance between France and Korea did not make things easy. We became absent in the present of each one. With lack of time spent together, we started to forget each others. Our relationship stopped existing and evolving.

But these moments are still in my memory. I take them out sometimes, it’s also a way to make them alive again in my present, and thanks to that I’ve got to compose this song that I publish today.

Sometimes I meet my friends in my dreams, and there we have an adventure like we did at high school.

Mémoire de toi (Memory of you) contains these souvenirs and my nostalgia of that period. I also wanted to give thanks to my friends with this song, who gave me such good memories. When I play this song, I feel I went back to that time: I see thoses memories in the form of different scenes, like a panorama. I imagine also sceneries we’ve seen together : cherry blossoms in the spring, monsoon in the hot summer, falling leaves in the autumn…

1406922_52538167_cerisier_taille reduite 1407342_82843047_autumn_falling leaves_taille reduite 1343609_79233542_summer rain_taille reduite

This song has lots of flats, no less than 5, the length of the song is almost 6 minutes. You can imagine that It took me lots of times to practice it and record it correctly.
In the following music video, you can find some beautiful photos which remind you of the spring. No matter what, our present continues, and we also need to enjoy it, don’t we ? So with this melody, I want to send you the beauty of spring.

Enjoy the song 🙂

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