Looking for you, A man’s desperate heart

Solip’s note: Sorrow is part of our life and our emotions; it’s also my source of inspiration. Voilà, today, my song is sad. It makes you think of a film noir… If you don’t want to listen to this song, I can understand it, you come by here to relax with my melodies, so I ask you to wait for the next post. I promise you that next time I’ll present something happy.

I. About the song
Starry_Night_Over_the_Rhone 400x250會者定離. This four character Chinese idiom means nothing is eternal in human relationships. You meet someone, but you also separate with someone else. We repeat this throughout our life. In fact, this process of encounter and separation is part of our daily life.

Today’s song is sad. It describes a man’s desperate heart that lost his lover. I composed this song fully based on my imagination.

The background is like a black and white film. It’s rainy and the man is wandering in the streets while looking desperately for his lover.

He feels miserable and sad, his eyes are filled with tears, but he doesn’t cry. He still has hope to find her. He cannot believe that she’s gone. He still thinks that she is waiting for him somewhere as always.

Wet in the rain, he’s searching everywhere: the place of their first meeting, the coffee shop they’ve often been going to, her favourite restaurant, streets they’ve walked together…

But she’s nowhere. His step gets heavier, and he finally talks to himself : She’s gone

II. Poems singing sorrow of lost love
With this song, I present you two poems that sing sorrow of lost love. The first one is a Korean poem I translated (that was not easy) and the second one is “Adieu” written by a French poet Alfred de Musset.

What you mean to me – Choi ok

On ruuning water, on whistling wind,
You are leaving lasting footprints

Once with you
I could see what nobody could
Now without you
I cannot see what everyone can

I’ve not loved you more than my life
But I’ve never loved my life more than you

Ah, you, marking every moment infinity,

shake my life at will,
you, like a bellrope

Adieu ! – Alfred de MUSSET

Adieu ! je crois qu’en cette vie : Goodbye! I think in this life
Je ne te reverrai jamais. : I will never meet you again
Dieu passe, il t’appelle et m’oublie ; : God is passing, is calling you and forgetting me
En te perdant je sens que je t’aimais. : loosing you I feel I was loving you

Pas de pleurs, pas de plainte vaine. : no cry, no useless moan
Je sais respecter l’avenir. : I know how to respect future
Vienne la voile qui t’emmène, : may come the sail that brings you away
En souriant je la verrai partir. : smiling I’ll see it going away

Tu t’en vas pleine d’espérance, : You’re leaving full of hope
Avec orgueil tu reviendras ; : with pride you’ll come back
Mais ceux qui vont souffrir de ton absence, : but the ones who will suffer from your absence
Tu ne les reconnaîtras pas. : you will not recognize them

Adieu ! tu vas faire un beau rêve : Goodbye, you’ll do a nice dream
Et t’enivrer d’un plaisir dangereux ; : and get drunk from a dangerous pleasure
Sur ton chemin l’étoile qui se lève : on your way, the star which is rising
Longtemps encor éblouira tes yeux. : will dazzle your eye for a long time

Un jour tu sentiras peut-être : maybe one day you’ll feel
Le prix d’un coeur qui nous comprend, : the price of an understanding heart
Le bien qu’on trouve à le connaître, : the good it does when knowing it
Et ce qu’on souffre en le perdant. : and the pain when loosing it

Source for translation of this poem

III. Van gogh
Green Wheat Field With Cypress 350x300This song’s music video is made of Van Gogh’s paintings. I always admire his sublime paintings. I can feel his particular scent even in his simple landscapes. He put all his life and soul in his œuvres. Inside, we can read his pure passion, but also a mix of different emotions in depth such as hunger, sorrow and solitude.

By making the music video with his paintings, I wanted to show my admiration and respect toward him and his works. Moreover, I feel somewhat sorrow looking at his paintings as if they remind me of the loneliness of life. Thus his paintings fit better with this type of song than happier songs.

Enjoy the song and see you soon 🙂

All the musics presented here are legally protected in France:Individuals can listen to them free of charge here and on my Youtube channel: TheInspiredMelodies. However, people wishing to reuse them (professionals or not) shall contact me in order to fix the general terms of use.

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    • Martino Thank you again for your kind words, I’m writing this comment listening to your compositions. I appreciate them. Keep up the good work and I hope we stay in touch. 🙂

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