Listen to my heart : Piano solo to encourage you

I wrote this song thinking about my father and his love for me. He was often outside when I was young. I didn’t have a close relationship with him…

However as time goes by, I become more mature, I realize that his love for me is discreet, and I understand his way of loving his family. Through short conversations I sometimes have with him by phone, I feel his voice is shaking a little when he gives me encouragement.
In fact I understand that it’s not because of a lack of his love for me, but becuase of his shyness when it comes to expressing his feelings for his family..

This song will get you think about your love. The main message of this song is related to « love » and « encouragement ».

Along your life path, keep courage thinking about the love of people around you and their support, even though it’s not always visible…

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