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We are now in the summer (in France). It’s not usually my favourite season, but after having a gloomy spring this year, I’m finally happy to see the summer coming in Paris.

These days, as my philosophy changes: Pursue your dream, enjoying each present moment, I’m trying to appreciate the beauty of each season. It clearly helps to pass hot summer days easier.

Summer makes me think of the sea. My country (South Korea) is surrounded by the sea, and with my family I used to spend summer vacations in the seaside.

Yes, you guess it! The 4 songs I’ll present you today are about the sea.

1. Prelude – Comme la mer (Like the sea)
Writing this song, I wanted to describe enjoyable and friendly side of the sea. This song is quite short, with a soft melody; I composed it to introduce three others songs below.

2. Au milieu de la mer (In the middle of the sea)

I wrote this song for the annual event of an association. The initial title was “Grand comme la mer, Profond comme la mer – Big like the sea, Deep like the sea”. By this, I wanted to show its grandeur. But the title didn’t sound well with the repetition of “like the sea”.

I had to give it a new name, and I started thinking of where my ideas came from.

Clearly it came from what I feel each time I cross the sea at Incheon in Korea, and in Osaka to go to the airport. While getting over the bridge, I’m impressed by the sea, its sense of infiniteness, and I wonder if I would reach the end of it or not.

the old man and the sea

Picutre from the film “The old man and the sea”

Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The old man and the sea” also inspired me to write this song. I still remember the image of the fisherman in the middle of enormous but silent sea and his love towards the cruel but generous sea.

From all those inspirations, I decided to name this song as « Au milieu de la mer – In the middle of the sea »

3. Au bord de la mer
This song describes a couple taking a walk at the seashore. The left pianist’s hand stands for the waves coming toward the shore, and the right hand, stands for the couple.

I’m quite embarrassed to present this song that I composed a long time ago: it was the second time of my life I wrote music. Now I can clearly compose better than this one. One day I’ll arrange this early song for an orchestra version.

Today I present this song as it was written to remember my early period.

4. Solitude
“Solitude” was composed in the same period as “Au bord de la mer”. I feel that today I can do better than this one. I’ll also arrange it for orchestra next time.

Also inspired by “The old man and the sea”, I intended to describe Santiago’s solitude in the middle of enormous sea, this dreamer’s eagerness when faced with the mute sea, and his strong will to overcome it by drifting away more and more from the shore.

All the musics presented here are legally protected in France:Individuals can listen to them free of charge here and on my Youtube channel: TheInspiredMelodies. However, people wishing to reuse them (professionals or not) shall contact me in order to fix the general terms of use.

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