I’m offering you a morning sunshine

As you can guess from the title, this song is about the sun and the morning, and actually inspired from a morning sunshine. I wrote this song with the point of view of the sun, who is informing everyone that a new morning has come.

Simply thinking about a morning sunshine can make you happy, it seems that it make you forget all of yesterday’s worries and promises us a new good day.

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The length of this song is 3’17, which is quite short. I structured it according to the story below :

0 – 0’33
The sun is rising. A calm, full of sunshine morning has come. The nature gets up to prepare a new day : the wind is blowing to wake up the forest, the birds are starting to sing, and the leafs are washing out morning dews to dress up…

0’33 – 1’04
Whenever touched by the sun, everyone is beginning to prepare for the new day. The sun is entering a room through the windows and ligtens it to wake you up.

1’04 – 1’30
You’re getting up softly with the sunshine and are opening the windows. You are closing your eyes to feel the wind blowing, and the beauty of the nature. You are full of thankness for your new day.

1’30 – 2’26
« Oh my god, I’m late ! » It’s time to go to work. You are hurrying up, quickly finishing your breakfast, washing yourself, putting on your clothes and watch, and you finally take your bag. The sun continues to ligten your house staring at you.

2’26 – 3’17
After you have left home, the house gets back to the calm.
The sun is still lighting all the things, showing his big smile.

Have a good day ~ ^^

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