Dancing dog (Original version)

panoramaToday’s song is delight and joyful. It’s inspired by our loyal friends, the dogs.

Here is the story behind this song : I wanted to make a song with this kind of rhythm, which  may make you think of The Sting’s main theme song “The Entertainer”. My song is less fun than Entertainer’s but more lovely!

Then, I started to look for inspirations that can suit this kind of rhythm, and I thought of dogs who are always delight and happily running everywhere.

This song sings dogs’s daily life, which is making us happy. I have chosen several funny images of dogs for this song : running around everywhere while taking a walk, circling to catch their own tail, catching birds or rats like hunters… All of theses images seem to me that they are dancing !

I made its music video with your dogs’ photos. I organized an event on this website to collect the photos you sent me. It seems to me a good idea to use yours instead of using anonymous photos on the Internet. Thank you so much for your involvement.

In the video I also present my family’s dog, Peumi. Peumi was an abandoned dog. My family found her on the street in the winter, when the temperature was 13 degrees below zero. We decided to welcome her in our home. We gave her a new name, Gipeumi, which means joy and hapiness in Korean. Since I live in France, I cannot see her often, but we’re already very good friends. Making this video, I miss Peumi a lot.

It’s interesting to note that this song is also funny to play with the piano. You can play it improvising it as we wish, according to your mood 🙂

What you listen to now is the original version, but I also composed a balade version. I’ll present it next time.

Enjoy the song and see you soon 🙂

All the musics presented here are legally protected in France:Individuals can listen to them free of charge here and on my Youtube channel: TheInspiredMelodies. However, people wishing to reuse them (professionals or not) shall contact me in order to fix the general terms of use.

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