Download my music sheets

mouvementT-150x150I’m pleased to inform you that IM muic sheets are now availale on a special page! You can freely download them, and I’ll upload more later. Note that some of them are only available to newsletter subcribers.

My kpop style new age compositions are romantic and emotional but easy to play. Enjoy your playing. Thank you!

Solip OH

Visit the page :

Send me a picture of your dog

PumiAs promised, the next song I’ll present you is a joyful one. It’s title is “Dancing dog” (sub-title : Toi qui es mignon)

I plan to make its music video with photos of your dogs.  Feel free to send me your dog’s photo to the following address :


Valentine’s day event

You’re listening to an excerpt of my next release, When You Smile.

This song will be released on Feb 14th, on Valentine’s day, and I’d like to give you a chance to get some of your photos in the music video I’ll create for this song. This event will give you a unique souvenir and opportunity to express your love for yourself or your family.

The video will be posted on Youtube, which will guarantee a long time conservation !

Just send me a photo of you, your couple, or your family, in which you are smiling and happy. You can also send me a short message with your photo, I’ll display it in the video as well. If you want to share a story about you, I’ll present it in the blog post where I usually discuss the song. (contact:

Thanks for your participation