About me

Hi, my name is Solip, South Korean piano composer living in Paris.

I created this website to share my passion with you. I have played the piano since 5 years old, I’m self-tought since 12 years old. I have always loved composing and playing music. Throughout my life I’ve always expressed my emotions and inspirations by playing piano.

The website is available in three languages and in English pages I’ll mainly present my compositions. All of them are composed, played and recorded by myself. It can generally be said that my music style is « K-pop style New age Classical» (K-newage). I will not stop here, one day I dream of presenting you some of my orchestra music also.

My objective with Inspired Melodies is to suggest you another way of taking a break. In fact there are may ways of relaxing : watching movies, reading a book … However my approch is quite different. My musics will revitalize your environment, or your living place, so that it will make yourself feel confortable. It will help you to concentrate better on your work, or create a warm atmosphere for a discussion or a meeting.

Sometimes I’ll also make you discover other musicians who are passionate about composing or arranging like me. These presentations will be a big pleasure since I have always wanted to become a sponsor and supporter of talented artists.

I hope that you will enjoy this place.:)

Solip from InspiredMelodies.com


2013.5 – 1st Official InspiredMelodies for you (Amazon | iTunes)
2014.1 – 2nd Official L’Orangerie (Amazon | iTunes)
2015 – 2.5 Offical Bon voyage + Au milieu de la mer (Amazon | iTunes)

2014.4 – 1st single La Promesse (네이버뮤직 | 멜론뮤직)
2014.5 – 2nd single Endless (네이버뮤직 | 멜론뮤직)
2014.7 – 3rd single Bon voyage (네이버뮤직 | 멜론뮤직)
2014.10 – 4th single October (네이버뮤직 | 멜론뮤직)
2014.11 – 5th single Looking for you (네이버뮤직 | 멜론뮤직)

2015.11 – 1st Official Invito