Christmas present

It’s quite strange to tell you this, but I enjoy my compositions and listen to them very often. I obviously write musics that I find enjoyable for my ears, without bothering myself with theory and technique.
Before Chirstmas, as always, I was listening to my compositions, Notre chemin ensemble and Monologue, and suddenly the short story The Gift of the Magi, by O. Henry, an American author, came to my mind.
I’ve read his books several times when I was young. From The Last Leaf to The gift of the Magi, O. Henry wrote lots of worldwide-famous short stories, but I think The gift of the Magi suits well to this moment, before Christmas.

Jim and Della are a poor couple living in New York. Each one has a possession in which they take pride : beautiful long hair for Della and a gold watch for Jim which has been handed for generations.
On Christmas eve, with only 1.87 dollars in hand, Della decides to sell her hair for 20 dollars, in order to offer Jim a present. And she finds a beautiful platinum chain for Jim’s watch.
When Jim see Della with short hair, he becomes speechless. Della explains him that she sold her hair to offer him a gift. Soon Jim shows his present to Della, which is an assortment of expensive combs she had wanted for a long time.
Saying that her hair will growsquickly, she shows the platinum chain for Jim. He then tells her, smiling : « Oh, Della, I sold my watch to offer you a chirstmas gift… »

Jim and Della buy a christmas gift for each other while giving up their most precious possession. They are a happy couple even if they are physically poor. They show us a priceless love.
It seems to me that the message from the author is not « love rather than money » nor « everyone has to act like them » but he wanted to tell us that « we can find our happiness inside of us », through the love of Jim and Della who want to give rather than receive.
I wish you a merry christmas.

Joyeux noël

P.S. : The songs you will listen to with this post is my compositions, Notre chemin ensemble et Monologue.